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 November, 1, 2021
Watch time: 3 min
How To Turn A No Into A YES!
Do you ever struggle with turning a no into a yes? Do you back down right away, or are you hungry enough to go in for the win? 
 November, 1, 2021
Watch time: 9 min
eXp Wants Me To Sell & Recruit!?
Let me help you help yourself while you're doing your research on eXp. And as always, if you need to get in touch.
 November, 1, 2021
Watch time: 13 min
Top Realtors Use DISC Personality Test
Do you know how to figure out a client's personality type? Trust me, it will make your life a lot easier. 
 October, 29, 2021
Watch time: 15 min
How to Win in Multiple Offer Situations
Unfortunately, nobody teaches you this stuff off the jump
 October, 18, 2021
Watch time: 5 min
eXp Myths and Truths
Unfortunately, nobody teaches you this stuff off the jump
 October, 29, 2021
Watch time: 24 min
The First Ever eXp Event in Toronto
Albie Stasek is the man. Watch and learn how he teaches a room of 200 agents to double their businesses.
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Rick Dhillon, known as the ultimate negotiator, went from humble beginnings to one of Canada's Top producers and owes it all to the world of real estate.
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